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Dead & Dying Ash Trees – a Case for the Orlando Tree Doctor

By Advance Tree Pros

Your Orlando Tree Doctor Can Come to the Rescue for Dying Trees

Because of an invasive beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer, hundreds of thousands of ash trees will have to be removed.  Although some valuable trees can be saved, it leaves us asking what to do with all the removed trees.  Advance Tree Pros is focused on maximizing the benefits of trees by keeping them healthy and maintained; now we are exploring how to maximize the use of these removed trees through Urban Wood Utilization through mulch manufacturing and composting as well as creating wood products.

Mulch Manufacturing and Compost

Ash is a hardwood that fades quickly and decomposes rapidly, making it a poor wood for mulching.  Mulching wood should accept dyes and colors well; ash wouldn’t work for this.  This is not ideal mulch for homeowners, but cities can use it for areas that don’t require a “maintained appearance” such as parks.  For those looking to create compost, ash can be used.  Other materials, such as leaf debris, also contribute to the compost market.  Most importantly, whether you choose to mulch or compost, remember that chipped ash will not spread the Emerald Ash Borer.

Urban Wood Products

Aside from mulch and compost, another way to use the ash tree is to use this ‘urban wood’ for home building and consumer products.  This industry is beginning to take shape and it’s a great way to use this wood.  Wood from the Hood is one local company specializing in creating urban wood products.  Many beautiful products such as flooring, cabinets, picture frames, and much more can be manufactured from ash wood. Traditionally ash has been under-utilized because of the abundance of oak. However, ash offers more character and often is less costly than oak and is a high-quality hardwood.

Advance Tree Pros can help if you own an ash tree, or any species, and want to turn it into a wood product.  Contact Wood from the Hood if you do not own a tree but want to include a piece of urban wood into your home.  Most experts agree that any future planting of ash as an urban tree or for timber production is limited at best. Keep the legacy of the ash tree alive by turning them into products that can be kept in your home and enjoy that piece of history.