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Common Mistakes Amateur’s make When Pruning Trees

By Advance Tree Pros

Tree pruning is a science, and if you are not an arborist, like us, then you not only risk having an ugly outcome, but you can even kill your beautiful trees. On the other hand, if you know what you are doing, your trees become strong and attractive additions to your home or business.

Here is some common mistakes amateurs make that can cause damage, take years to repair, or even worse, are unfixable:

1- Poor Pruning Cuts

How you make your cuts, and where you make your cuts make a huge difference when pruning your trees. Oftentimes, we see DIY or amateur pruners cut too close to the trunk and remove what is called the “trunk collar.” When this occurs you cause your tree to have a much longer healing process, and in the meantime, diseases and pests can attack your tree.

2- Snipping the tips of a tree to keep it smaller

Pruning often stimulates growth and can cause multiple branches to sprout from a cut. So although you are reducing the size of the tree in the short-term, in the long-term you are making it less and less manageable to keep your tree at the desired size. Strategic Canopy Reduction can be performed to keep your tree at your desired size but must be done by a skilled arborist.

3-Cutting the top of a tree to make it shorter, or, “topping”

When you shear off the top of a tree it forces multiple new smaller branches to take the place of the old. These new smaller branches eventually compete to be the new leader branches, this can cause structural integrity issues for your tree, which is the last thing you want when the next hurricane comes around.

4- Not pruning at all

Not pruning is the worst mistake you can make. Co-dominant trunks can often form if trees are not pruned, and can split apart, often causing you to lose the tree. Trees can also become damaged & diseased over time and can become hazards. These damaged trees can cause damage to your yard, home, or even worse your family, especially during large storms.

If you want your trees to remain strong, and safe while beautifying your home or business, it is imperative to prune your trees, and have that pruning done by a professional arborist, like us! Contact Now at 407-901-4417