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Chlorosis – a Case for the Orlando Tree Doctor

By Advance Tree Pros

This Abiotic Problem Of Shade Trees Needs the Help of an Orlando Tree Doctor

If you have oaks, you should be aware of chlorosis, which is a chronic condition that eventually drains the tree of its strength. Other tree species, such as maples and birches, can also be victims of this condition.

Chlorosis is when the green pigment used in photosynthesis called chlorophyll is not being amply created in the leaves. A telltale sign is when the leaves begin to pale or even yellow. If unaddressed, the leaves become unable to convert light from the sun into much-needed sugars the tree needs.


Oftentimes, a deficiency in minerals including iron, manganese, zinc, or copper can lead to chlorosis. This deficiency can happen when the soil pH is not agreeable to the tree, so mineral assimilation is reduced. A highly alkaline soil (pH > 7.0) can exacerbate matters. Root damage can also result in chlorosis.

The symptoms may not necessarily be displayed on the entire tree, but possibly on only portions of it. One should analyze the soil and foliage in order to know how to proceed with treatment. If a high pH is discovered, elemental sulfur and Prescription Organic Matter may be used to help lower the soil pH to below 6.5. For more immediate results, iron may be injected directly into the tree. For more sensitive plants, the use of a soil acidifier (such as Miracid) during irrigation may help, as municipal water systems are often more alkaline. Lime should not be used under shade trees, as it will raise the pH of the soil even more. Mulch with prescription organic matter will also be a good practice but avoid the limestone rock mulches.

Use caution when doing construction projects around trees, so as to avoid damaging the roots either through compression or cutting. Use a tree growth regulator, such as Cambistat, when chlorosis is the result of a construction project. It will enhance root growth and reduces above-ground growth, which will, in turn, lower the need for as much nutrition. For best results, use Cambistat in conjunction with other soil and root enhancement systems.