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Finding The Best Tree Company in Winter Springs, FL

In a market filled with professional tree service providers, each promising customer satisfaction and affordable rates, it’s difficult to decide which company is best. However, the well-being of your trees is at stake, so deciding which tree service company to choose is an important decision. At Advance Tree Pros, we strive to rise slightly above the rest of the tree service companies in Winter Springs by offering the highest possible level of customer service. Our professional team of arborists and tree specialists take great pride in the services we offer.

Why Is Advance Tree Pros The Best Tree Service Company?

It’s hard to fit tree care into your hectic schedule. You need to prune them regularly, and if any of your trees are unhealthy or damaged, they might need to be removed. Removing and disposing of dead trees requires proper equipment, experience, and knowledge to do the job correctly. Since the average individual doesn’t usually have the necessary tools or experience to tackle most tree service jobs, it’s typically better to rely on professionals for tree service. 

Above all else, Advance Tree Pros offers convenience and peace of mind. By entrusting your tree service needs to a professional tree company in Winter Springs like Advance Tree Pros, you can ensure your trees will be properly maintained. Whether you need seasonal pruning, regular maintenance, or more advanced services like tree removal and crane services, trust the pros at Advance Tree Pros. 

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We Employ Experienced Arborists

Some companies try to give off the image of being a large company with an experienced team of arborists, when in reality, it’s really just a one or two man show. Some projects require an entire team of competent professionals working together to achieve the desired results. This is why Advance Tree Pros, even during the slower times of year, employs an expansive team of certified arborists that have the experience necessary to handle even the most complex tree job. All of our arborists are ISA certified and have undergone extensive hands-on training in the field.

Safety & Cleanliness Are Our Top Priorities

If you’re hiring a tree service company in Winter Springs, you need to make sure they do everything they can to minimize the risk of damage to your house or your commercial building. Ask them of the steps they will take to reduce the chances of harm. If a tree needs removal, our professional team will bring a crane if necessary to lift the tree and then remove it so that it doesn’t come tumbling down on the house or anything else nearby. Additionally, we will dispose of the tree so you do not have to worry about any debris.

Advance Tree Pros Is Licensed & Insured

Although no tree service company sets out to intentionally harm your property or damage your home, accidents happen. In the unlikely event that something unfortunate does happen, you don’t want to find out that the tree service company you hired doesn’t have insurance after the incident has occurred. Tree removal services in Winter Springs can be more complex in nature than the surrounding areas due to the dense population and close proximity of homes, driveways, and parked cars to large, older trees. Even tree pruning jobs in the Winter Springs area can require an additional level of care for these same reasons. Ensuring that the tree service company you hire maintains valid insurance with the appropriate limits and possesses the proper state and local licenses should be the top factor you consider during the hiring process. Advance Tree Pros takes licensure and insurance very seriously, and our company maintains Commercial General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance with much higher limits than required by the state, which ensures your property and our employees are properly covered during the course of your entire tree job.

What Types of Tree Services Does Advance Tree Pros Offer?

Our team of certified arborists are experienced and proficient in various different tree services ranging from large and complex commercial tree services to smaller and simpler residential tree service jobs.

Residential Tree Service in Winter Springs

Residential Tree Pruning

Our expert arborists perform regular tree pruning each winter and anytime throughout the year as necessary. In the event of an upcoming storm, we are also able to mobilize specialty, emergency crews to provide residential tree pruning service that can prevent costly damage to your trees and nearby property. We work diligently to maintain tree health by removing diseased, damaged, dead, or otherwise decaying branches and foliage to make room for new, healthy tree growth. Hiring a residential tree pruning company that has extensive experience working with Winter Springs’ unique trees is critical in ensuring your trees are properly handled.

Residential Tree Removal

As arborists and preservationists, we do everything we can to maintain Florida’s natural beauty – especially her incredible trees. However, sometimes trees pose dangers to life or property and must be removed. Residential tree removal in Winter Springs can be tricky due to the size and age of most trees, as well as their proximity to roadways and homes. Advance Tree Pros uses the latest, most state-of-the-art equipment to handle the most complex tree removal jobs with ease. When it comes to hiring a tree removal company in Winter Springs, trust the pros!

Residential Land Clearing

At Advance Tree Pros, our experience goes well beyond just tree work. Due to the size and scale of our business, we are able to offer residential land clearing services throughout Winter Springs and the surrounding areas. Whether you wish to clear a large plot of land for residential housing development, or you just want to clear your backyard for a new swimming pool, Advance Tree Pros has you covered! We are equipped to handle clearing jobs from start to finish, and we will leave your plot looking much better than we found it.

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    We're Also Your Winter Springs Commercial Tree Service Experts

    Commercial Tree Services We Provide in Winter Springs, FL

    Commercial Tree Pruning

    We apply the same industry standards and techniques from our residential tree pruning when performing commercial tree pruning services in Winter Springs. We do also take a few additional steps though, as commercial pruning jobs require additional consideration for members of the public who may be using or accessing the property. In addition to caring for the health of the trees, our experts will ensure that the trees on your commercial property do not pose any health risks to the general public based on overgrowth or the risk of falling branches or fronds.

    Commercial Tree Removal

    In the event a tree must be removed from your commercial property in the Winter Springs area, it is very important that you solicit tree removal services from a company that has both the local experience as well as the licensure and insurance to protect your business or commercial property. Advance Tree Pros provides affordable commercial tree removal services without sacrificing job quality and while maintaining high limits of insurance to protect all parties involved. Commercial tree removal can be dangerous without the proper experience and equipment, so it’s best to trust the pros!

    Commercial Land Clearing

    Don’t let land clearing hold up your commercial development project – Advance Tree Pros offers affordable commercial land clearing services in Winter Springs and the surrounding areas. Leave the hard work to our land clearing experts and our fleet of modern land clearing machines. Our state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch team allow us to operate quickly, efficiently, safely, and effectively when tackling your commercial land clearing job.

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