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Hiring the Best Tree Specialist in Lake Nona

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Lake Nona Tree Experts

When it comes to tree pruning, trimming and removal, your best bet is to leave it to tree experts. As Lake Nona tree experts ourselves, we’ve seen it all, and we have tips for finding the right fit for your tree work.

Make sure they’re licensed, insured and trusted in the community. Avoid issues by doing the following:

  • Make sure the company has the appropriate licenses, insurance and certifications required for your community. Make sure they have personal and property liability insurance, as well as worker’s compensation. 
  • Check with multiple tree specialists. Get a written proposal from each one specifying what work will be done. Ask for references, and check the sources.
  • If an arborist suggests removing a living tree first, get a second opinion. Do not work with companies that top trees. This harmful practice of removing large chunks of a living tree, which usually kills the tree, is not even something we would consider. If a company suggests topping a tree, use a different company. 
  • The lowest price does not mean the best value. Due to the costs of specialized equipment, professional training, and keeping up-to-date with insurance, better tree services tend to be a little more expensive.

Before hiring a company to do tree work, make sure you hire a  knowledgeable team who cares about the environment and your landscape. Our Lake Nona tree experts have experience, training and passion for trees. We will work to give you sound advice, a fair quote and the best customer service in the industry.

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